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2 Фев 2013
Crossing Jordan

Автор: Adrian Fogelin, Suzy Schultz

Короткое описание книги

This moving, coming-of-age story follows a young white girl who overcomes family prejudice and cultural differences when she befriends a black girl in a small working-class town Twelve-year-old Cassie narrates the dramatic events that unfold when Jemmie, an African-American girl, and her family move in next door.

Despite their parents' deeply held prejudice against each other's familyexemplified by the fence Cassie's father builds between their two housesthe girls find they share more similarities than differences.

Mutual interests in reading and running draw them together, and their wariness of each other disappears.

But when their parents find out about the burgeoning friendship, each girl is forbidden to see the other.

A family crisis and celebration provide opportunities for the families to reach an understanding.

Author Adrian Fogelin addresses the complex issues of bigotry and tolerance with sensitivity and intelligence.

Readers will find her story of how two adolescent girls, through their own example, teach racial tolerance to the adults in a small Florida town powerful and compelling.

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