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2 Фев 2013
Cultivating a Thinking Surgeon

Автор: Linda de Cossart

Короткое описание книги

This book offers a carefully argued approach to the postgraduate preparation of surgeons and doctors.

At a time when surgical/medical education is undergoing profound change this text will prove an invaluable resource for those both reorganizing teaching programmes and those working with learning surgeons/doctors.

It emphasizes what is involved in learning to be a surgeon and/or doctor who can engage in professional conduct and exercise professional judgement, as opposed to being trained in surgical/medical activities in order to demonstrate the behaviour expected by assessors.

It provides many examples and ideas which have been developed and refined over the past three years in partnership with a wide range of working surgeons and doctors in practical settings and in reflective seminars.

The authors have together brought to the production of this book a unique combination of a practising surgeon who is dedicated to the development of excellence in surgical practice, and a practising teacher educator who is dedicated to developing expertise in educational practice, particularly in clinical settings.

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