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2 Фев 2013
Dancing Cranes

Автор: Bao Dongni

Короткое описание книги

One winter, a flock of cranes flew in from the far north and landed on the riverbank like shimmering fairies.

A little girl watched them from afar.

She could not hear their whooping calls, but she could see them dancing.

For the whole winter, the little girl danced like the cranes.

Spring came, and she came across a crane wounded by poaches.

She rescued it, and as she took care of it, they became good friends.

It recovered and flew back to its flock, and the girl went off to a dance academy.

Years later, as a professional dancer, she performed her perfected crane dance.

Dancing Cranes is part of the Beautiful China series that also includes The Little Blue and White Porcelain Cat and Xiaoyu's Spring.

The author presents charming stories with reassuring affections that are artfully depicted with beautiful illustrations.

These stories will help Chinese children develop an appreciation for their own culture and will help children around the world learn more about China.

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