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2 Фев 2013
Death Check

Короткое описание книги

Someone is taking a special interest in the Brewster Forum think tank: compromising photos have been taken; their security officer is dead under suspicious circumstances; information about its members is being traded in shadowy places by shadowy figures.

This wouldn't normally be a job for America's most deniable covert agency, but the Forum has recently devised what it calls a 'simple little plan to conquer the world'.

National security is at risk, and there's only one man tough enough to take on the threat.

Remo Williams is The Destroyer, an ex-cop who should be dead, but instead fights for the secret government law-enforcement organization, CURE.

Trained in the esoteric martial art of by his aged mentor, Chiun, Remo is America's last line of defence.

Breathlessly action-packed and boasting a winning combination of thrills, humour and mysticism, the Destroyer is one of the bestselling series of all time.

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