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2 Фев 2013
Death Penalty in Africa

Автор: Dr Aime Muyoboke Karimunda

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Human development is not simply about wealth and economic well-being, it is also dependent upon shared values that cherish the sanctity of human life.

Using comparative methods, archival research and quantitative findings, this book explores the historical and cultural background of the death penalty in Africa, analysing the law and practice of the death penalty under European and Asian laws in Africa before independence.

Showing progressive attitudes to punishment rooted in both traditional and modern concepts of human dignity, Aim Muyoboke Karimunda assesses the ground on which the death penalty is retained today.

Providing a full and balanced appraisal of the arguments, the book presents a clear and compelling case for the total abolition of the death penalty throughout Africa.

This book is essential reading for human rights lawyers, legal anthropologists, historians, political analysts and anyone else interested in promoting democracy and the protection of fundamental human rights in Africa.

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