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2 Фев 2013
Death Trade (Sean Dillon Series, Book 20)

Автор: Jack Higgins

Короткое описание книги

THE NEW HIGGINS HAS LANDED! One man with the key to Armageddon.

One chance for Sean Dillon to find him.

The hunt is on, in the mesmerizing new Sean Dillon thriller of murder, terrorism and revenge from the Sunday Times bestselling author.

The world's most dangerous man has escaped - and it's up to Sean Dillon and Co to find him, before he falls into the hands of al Qaeda.

When Iran's head of nuclear weapons programme absconds he is hunted by everyone: the Iranians, al Qaeda and Sean Dillon's team of specialists.

Travelling from London, Paris, and the Middle East to the desert wastes of North Africa, it becomes a must-win race.

Because what the scientist knows could be used to save lives, or bring about the end of all life.

From the master thriller writer comes this rollercoaster ride into the white-hot crucible of the Middle East and North African terror networks.

With the clock ticking, and the bullets flying, the 20th in Jack Higgins' blistering Sean Dillon series promises to be his best yet.

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