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2 Фев 2013

Автор: Edie Jo Gibson

Короткое описание книги

He is not who he appears to be .



but neither is she.

Frankie Palmer is a seeker of justice, and by joining forces with black ops specialist Ethan Drake, she may finally be able to take down the drug lord that is terrorizing the innocent citizens of her community.

Edie Jo Gibson takes you on a suspense-filled adventure in her new romance, Deception.

Bartender by night, neighborhood hero by day.

Frankie Palmer is no stranger to seeking justice on criminals terrorizing innocent civilians.

After all, she owns a bar called Retribution, and has an agenda for finding the drug lord responsible for putting her brother in a coma.

Utilizing social networks, Frankie and her team of community members protect their own.

Six years ago, military strategist and leader of a black ops unit Ethan Drake nearly captured Christian Briggs, a world-renowned drug dealer and arms trader.

But the criminal eluded him during a disastrous operation, resulting in the death of Ethan's brother, an act Ethan has never recovered from, vowing to bring Briggs to justice.

Frankie shows up in the crosshairs of Ethan's scope while she is on the trail of an identity thief wiping out accounts of elderly community members.

The thief stole the identity of Christian Briggs, raising red flags and attracting Ethan.

Both teams reluctantly band together to bring down Briggs.

Even though Ethan believes Frankie may be working for Briggs, he chooses to work side by side, battling an attraction for Frankie he has never felt for any other woman.

Frankie fights Ethan every step of the way, refusing to forgive his deception, even when her heart tells her otherwise.

Releasing rats, portraying a hooker, and allowing a grandma to plant a tracking device on Briggs, leads them to realize not everyone is who they seem to be.

Content Notes: Sweet, Contemporary, Suspense, Action, Adventure

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