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2 Фев 2013
Design and Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Tablets

Автор: Reynir Eyjolfsson

Короткое описание книги

Design and Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Tablets offers real world solutions and outcomes of formulation and processing challenges of pharmaceutical tablets.

This book includes numerous practical examples related to actual formulations that have been validated and marketed and covers important data in the areas of stability, dissolution, bioavailibity and processing.

It provides important background and theoretical information on design and manufacturing and includes a full section dedicated to design experimental methodology and statistics.

In addition, this book offers a a general discussion of excipients used in proper tablet design along with practical examples related to excipients.

Drug development scientists in industry and academia, as well as students in the pharmaceutical sciences will greatly benefit from the practical knowledge and case examples provided throughout this book.

Incorporates important mathematical models and computational applicationsIncludes unique content on central composite design and augmented simplex latticeProvides background on important design principles with emphasis on quality-based design (QBD) of pharmaceutical dosage forms

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