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2 Фев 2013
Developing Active Learning in the Primary Classroom

Автор: Anitra Vickery

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Establishing an effective learning environment in the classroom requires a clear understanding of different teaching strategies that make children active participants in their own learning.

This book explores a range of philosophies and strategies to develop active learning in primary education.

It balances theory with practice to provide evidence-based guidance and suggestions for use in the classroom.

Key topics include: Creating a supportive learning environment Developing the questioning skills of teachers and children Learning through assessment Developing thinking skills through curriculum subjects Active learning in early years education Philosophy for Children (P4C) Frameworks to promote thinking This is essential reading for professional studies modules on primary initial teacher education courses, including university-based (PGCE, PGDE, BA QTS, BEd), school-based (SCITT, School Direct) and employment-based routes into teaching.

It also serves as a handbook for schools that are developing their approaches to active learning.

Anitra Vickery works as senior lecturer in primary mathematics education and the Professional Studies Coordinator at Bath Spa University.

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