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2 Фев 2013
Developing Creative and Critical Educational Practitioners

Автор: Victoria Door

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This book encourages teacher educators to promote flexible and sustainable practice in their students, enabling them to flourish within an ever-changing educational environment.

Research from the UK and US strongly indicates that a coherent theory-practice approach to teacher preparation is key.

The book outlines what such a framework can look like, a rationale for it, and how it can work in practice for groups and individuals.

It explores the notions of the reflexive teacher, creativity as a basis for practice, and criticality as a necessary underpinning for educators.

The discussion draws on the research and experiences of teacher educators, student teachers and in-service teachers, from NQTs to Lead Practitioners and senior management.

It proposes the foundational understanding for beginning teachers to join a community of practice based on scholarship, professionalism and ethical practice.

This bookis part of the successfulCritical Guides for Teacher Educatorsseries edited by Ian Menter.

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