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2 Фев 2013
Digital Asset Ecosystems

Автор: Tobias Blanke

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Digital asset management is undergoing a fundamental transformation.

Near universal availability of high-quality web-based assets makes it important to pay attention to the new world of digital ecosystems and what it means for managing, using and publishing digital assets.

The Ecosystem of Digital Assets reflects on these developments and what the emerging 'web of things' could mean for digital assets.

The book is structured into three parts, each covering an important aspect of digital assets.

Part one introduces the emerging ecosystems of digital assets.

Part two examines digital asset management in a networked environment.

The third part covers media ecosystems.

Looks to the future of digital asset management, focussing on the next generation webIncludes up-to date developments in the field, crowd sourcing, and cloud servicesDetails case studies to demonstrate how generic requirements are met in particular cases

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