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2 Фев 2013
Doctor Sleep

Короткое описание книги

An epic war between good and evil, a gory, glorious story that will thrill the millions of hyper-devoted readers of The Shining and wildly satisfy anyone new to the territory of this icon in the King canon.

King says he wanted to know what happened to Danny Torrance, the boy at the heart of The Shining, after his terrible experience in the Overlook Hotel.

The instantly riveting Doctor Sleep picks up the story of the now middle-aged Dan, working at a hospice in rural New Hampshire, and the very special twelve-year old girl he must save from a tribe of murderous paranormals.

On highways across America, a tribe of people called The True Knot travel in search of sustenance.

They look harmless - mostly old, lots of polyester, and married to their RVs.

But as Dan Torrance knows, and tween Abra Stone learns, The True Knot are quasi- immortal, living off the.



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