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2 Фев 2013
Does Anyone Like Midges?

Автор: Jim Hewitson

Короткое описание книги

Does Anyone Like Midges? contains a wheen of queries about the Scots and Scotland.

Including: Did Irish pirates give Scotland its name? What does 'Sassenach' actually mean? How will global warming affect Scotland? Is the heavy-drinking Scot a Roman PR creation? And has anyone ever been killed by Highland midges? Renowned old scientist Jim Hewitson, with the help of the readers of mythical periodical The Exploding Haggis, answers one hundred questions, big and not so big, about all things to do with one of the strangest and greatest wee countries in the world - Scotland.

Curious and illuminating in equal measure, this is a perplexing and fascinating read for anyone with an interest in Scotland's history, culture or bloodthirsty beasties.

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