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2 Фев 2013
Dog at My Feet

Короткое описание книги

Pets are such a big part of so many of our lives.

As any pet lover knows, a wagging tail or a tender purr can soothe the soul after a hard day.

And sometimes, the presence of dogs and cats in our lives can do even more.

In these delightful books, Callie Smith Grant collects stories that celebrate the dogs and cats in our lives--stories that touch our hearts, renew our spirit, and show us how God created these beasts for unique purposes.

A funny little dog named Prince earns his title by protecting the children of the house.

A dickens of a cat gives a cancer survivor something else to think about.

A lively litter of puppies soothes a troubled child.

A scrawny kitten helps an anorexic girl begin to eat.

Well-known authors, including Melody Carlson, Tracie Peterson, and Robert Benson, as well as new voices share their inspirational true stories of these otherwise ordinary cats and dogs whose presence in the lives of humans make them remarkable.

Each book also includes interesting sidebars, memorable quotes, helpful hints for living with dogs and cats, and forewords by H.

Norman Wright.

The stories are warm, captivating, and ideal for a good curl-up-and-read or for a gift to any pet lover.

Cat lovers, dog lovers, and anyone who likes to read uplifting stories will cherish these books.

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