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2 Фев 2013
Dogmatic Aesthetics

Автор: Stephen John Wright

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The identification of God with beauty is one of the most aesthetically rich notions within Christian thought.

However, this claim is often at risk of becoming untethered from core Christian theological confessions.

To avoid a theological account of beauty becoming a mere projection of our wildest desires, it must be reined in by dogmatics.

To make this case, this book employs the thought of Robert W.

Jenson to construct a dogmatic aesthetics.

Jenson's whole theological program is directed by exploring the systematic potential of the core doctrines of the faith that finally opens out into a vast vision of the beauty of God and creatures: ';God is a great fugue .



the rest is music.

' Taking Jenson's cue, the account of beauty presented in this book is propelled by a core conviction of Jenson's theology: the sole analogue between God and creatures is not ';being' or any other metaphysical concept, but Jesus Christ.

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