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2 Фев 2013
Double or Nothing

Короткое описание книги

In the third book of the It Takes Two series, Alex runs for class president and Ava tries out for the football team.

Can both twins win?Its school election time, and Alex is determined not to let a small thing like a move across the country stop her from becoming seventh-grade class president! She may be new, but shes probably the most ambitious candidate Ashland Middle has ever seenand it does help that shes the coachs daughter, so everyone knows who she is.

Its also time for football tryouts, and the boys are more than a little surprised when Ava shows up on the field! Shes a fantastic kicker, but shes causing quite a bit of controversy as the first girl to want to play football in Ashlandand possibly stirring up trouble for Alexs campaign.

Will Avas attempt to follow her dreams cost Alex the presidency, or can Alex use her platform to convince the town that it doesnt matter if youre a boy or a girl, as long as youre serious about football?

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