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2 Фев 2013
Dr. Johnson's Women

Автор: Norma Clarke

Короткое описание книги

&quote;I dined yesterday at Mrs Garrick's with Mrs Carter, Miss Hannah More and Miss Fanny Burney.

Three such women are not to found; I know not where I could find a fourth, except Mrs Lennox, who is superiour to them all.

&quote; --Samuel JohnsonDr.

Johnson enjoyed the company of clever women.


Johnson's Women explores his relationship with six remarkable and successful female authors, all of whom he knew well: Elizabeth Carter, Hannah More, Charlotte Lennox, Hester Thrale, Fanny Burney and Elizabeth Montagu.

It is also an account of the characters and achievements of these women.

It is often assumed that women writers in the eighteenth century suffered the same restrictions and obstacles that confronted their Victorian successors.

Norma Clarke shows that this was by no means the case.

Highlighting the opportunities available to women with talent in the eighteenth century, Dr.

Johnson's Women makes clear just how impressive and varied their achievements were.

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