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2 Фев 2013
Dream Girl's Wings of Wisdom Return to the Nest

Автор: Onanong Janchuey

Короткое описание книги

Seeing one's life gradually vanishing, brings stark jolts of anxiety to anyone nearing retirement age.

When your father dies before you were able to speak, and your mother is close to eighty years of age: mortality trumpets its ugly head.

It's time to return to the nest to lick the wounds of a lifetime, and reacquaint oneself with your Maker: ones parents.

In the process of fine-tuning life's downward spiral, preparing to exit life becomes a process of having to come to grips with our human frailties.

Most people try, where and when possible, to make amends to those we've offended during our lifetime: be that our parents, relatives, friends or enemies.

But life doesn't always lend itself to sentimentalities, forgiveness, or the unconscious process of socialization instilled in us from the day we're born.

Human nature is like anarchy because both are unpredictable and volatile.

Our Dream Girl is forced to use the wisdom she learned from her life in America, and her mother in her youth, to solve problems she never thought existed.

Living a hassle free life &quote;unto death do us part&quote; never enters our Dream Girl's mind from the moment she sets foot on Thai soil after more than 30 years in America.

From a Dream Girl to a Village Girl: life is reversed, like a time warp.

A nightmare in the making.



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