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2 Фев 2013
Dynamiques de l ethnicite en Afrique

Автор: Pascal Touoyem

Короткое описание книги

How does one think about the form of the State in its management of conflicting ethnic groups in positive light in Africa in the present and in the future? Ethnic reality in Africa continues to be the principal determining factor of individual and collective existence, constituting an obstacle to the normal operation of its States, which often fail or collapse.

In the global era, the re-organisation of power and of thought in plural societies leads to socio-political and geopolitical stabilisation.

The author here argues for the implementation of edeliberative democracyi or egovernance under the treei as a synthesis of liberal and republican democracy based on the ewin-wini principle, different from majoritarian democracy where the ewinner takes alli.

The theory of the multinational state thus proposes a constitutional, political and conceptual innovation in the plural societies of the 21st century: it entails restructuring the imagination to allow a global shift in African political thought, its needs, desires, quests, expectations and hopes.

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