Enticements (Una-Mary Parker) - скачать книгу , читать онлайн


2 Фев 2013

Автор: Una-Mary Parker

Короткое описание книги

Who is the sensationally beautiful Marissa Montclare? How did she amass a million-dollar fortune by the time she was twenty? And why was she murdered at a glittering New Year's Eve party given by her lover, Sir Edward Wenlake, at his opulent Park Avenue apartment?Rebecca Kendall, famous photo-journalist, was at the fatal party .



and she captured more on film than photographs of Marissa.

She took a picture of the killer as well.

From then on, her life is in danger.

Jenny Wenlake is shocked to find that her father had a girlfriend younger than herself.

So she and Rebecca set out to uncover the truth about Marissa's past.

Helped by Stirling Hertfelder, Rebecca's agent and lover, they expose shattering secrets .



and another murder is committed before Rebecca is brought face to face with the ultimate horror in a story that includes greed, vice, corruption .



and a deep love that will not be denied.

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