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2 Фев 2013
Eternal Flame

Автор: OASIS, Mrs. Oasis

Короткое описание книги

From the popular author of Duplicity, White Heat, and Push Comes to Shove comes this engrossing and erotic novel about a scarred woman who becomes ensnared by a famous and dangerously sexy spoken word artist.

Celebrity spoken word artist Phoenix Alexander has his hands full, touring the country and sleeping with groupie after groupie.

But the moment he lays eyes on Eternity St.

James, her charisma and energy set fire to his desire like no other woman hasnot even his wife.

Eternity St.

James, however, knows that the hungry gleam in Phoenixs eyes has nothing to do with love and respect.

And shes sure that getting involved with this sex-driven superstar could only mean trouble.

Plus, she has no intentions of becoming his next one-night stand.

But Phoenix wont take no for an answer.

When lust and bitterness intertwine, will it be a recipe for disasteror love?

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