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2 Фев 2013
Ethics for a Broken World

Автор: Tim Mulgan

Короткое описание книги

Imagine living in the future in a world already damaged by humankind, a world where resources are insufficient to meet everyone's basic needs and where a chaotic climate makes life precarious.

Then imagine looking back into the past, back to our own time and assessing the ethics of the early twenty-first century.

&quote;Ethics for a Broken World&quote; imagines how the future might judge us and how living in a time of global environmental degradation might utterly reshape the politics and ethics of the future.

This book is presented as a series of history of philosophy lectures given in the future, studying the classic texts from a past age of affluence, our own time.

The central ethical questions of our time are shown to look very different from the perspective of a ruined world.

The aim of &quote;Ethics for a Broken&quote; World is to look at our present with the benefit of hindsight - to reimagine contemporary philosophy in an historical context - and to highlight the contingency of our own moral and political ideals.

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