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2 Фев 2013
Eye of Karnak

Автор: Patricia Fanthorpe, Lionel Fanthorpe, John E. Muller

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Modern man is not fascinated by ancient Egypt without good reason.

The Nile Civilisation is not only interesting because of its age but because of its mystery.

Who can completely answer the riddle of the Sphinx, even today? What strange mysteries are still buried among the measurements of the Great Pyramid? How many wonders are yet incarcerated in the Valley of the Kings?Johnny Cole and Chris Saunders set out for the Eye Temple at Luxor.

The discovered evidence of a strange cult, hitherto quite unsuspected.

The search took them to Thebes and beyond.

From Necropolis to Necropolis they traced the terrifying ancient truth to learn at last that the Eye-god still lived, deadly, ruthless, malevolent.

Would twentieth century weapons work on a being older than time itself?If not, how did a mortal fight against an evil deity?

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