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2 Фев 2013
FITlosophy 2

Автор: Sharny Kieser, Julius Kieser

Короткое описание книги

Following on from the worldwide smash hit &quote;FITlosophy 1,&quote; this sequel goes deeper into the question: what is the potential for human performance? Hard hitting, courageous and in their customarily direct way, Sharny and Julius take readers on a journey into their own lives, uncovering the failures that have made them who they are today.

FITlosophy 2 starts off at a blistering pace and when it's finished, you will feel like you've just been in a high speed car chase, your heart rate will be elevated, your breathing faster.

All readers agree, once you read the final words, you'll just want to get up from where you are and go for the fastest, longest run you ever have.

&quote;I didn't think a sequel to FITlosophy 1 would be possible, but my, oh my - they've created magic again&quote; M Harris - Olympian &quote;These two are phenomenal.

I'm quivering with energy I never thought I had.



Again&quote; J Radike - Athlete &quote;I thought FITlosophy 1 was amazing, this one is a hundred times better&quote; J Milne - Ultra Running Authority

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