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2 Фев 2013
Foreign Correspondence

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Though writers and readers have long agreed that travel does not only broaden the mind, but that it is also useful to report on such an experience, the question of what to report on and how has remained a matter of debate.

To think of travel and travel writing as &quote;foreign correspondence&quote; is to apply, metaphorically, a phrase that has its own complex and overlapping history in journalism, politics, and international culture.

The chapters of this volume focus on this notion, seen here as a dual problematic oscillating between the private and the public, whether as letters or other forms of writing sent from abroad.

From Mandeville's notorious Travels to fin de siecle Hispanic writing, this volume offers readings of accounts by early modern and more recent Lithuanian and Polish travellers, representations of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Ottoman Empire and India, Quixotic tropes in English travel writing about Spain, Galignani's newspaper aesthetics, and several contributions on translation issues and the foreign as an idiom to be rendered in more familiar terms.

The essays collected here thus all take foreign correspondence as their starting point, whether as letters or in other narrative forms.

These texts are involved in complex webs of personal, political, social, and cultural negotiations between travellers and their hosts, as well as their presumed target audience; a key aspect of the rhetorics of foreign correspondence, as the chapters of this volume also go to show.

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