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2 Фев 2013
Foreign Policies of Arab States

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The first edition of this book was praised as &quote;a milestone for present and future research on Arab and Third World foreign policies&quote; (American Political Science Review), and &quote;an indispensable aid for those studying or teaching the foreign policies of the contemporary Middle East&quote; (International Journal of Middle East Studies).

It has become a standard textbook in Middle East studies curricula all over the world.

This third edition, now in paperback, with new material reflecting the earth-shaking events at the end of the Cold War and the continuation of violence and terrorism, examines foreign policies of nine Arab states in the context of globalization.

The editors first establish an analytical framework for assessing foreign policy, which they and other contributors then apply chapter by chapter to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, and Iraq.

Contributors: Moataz A.

Fattah, Karen Abul Kheir, Ali E.

Hillal Dessouki, Hazem Kandil, Bahgat Korany, Ann M.

Lesch, Abdul-Monem Al-Mashat, Paul Noble, Jennifer Rosenblum, Bassel F.

Salloukh, Mohamed Soffar.

William Zartman.

Foreign Policy Analysis in the Global Era and the World of the ArabsBahgat Korany and Ali E.

Hillal DessoukiForeign Policy Approaches and Arab Countries: A Critical Evaluation and an Alternative FrameworkBahgat Korany and Ali E.

Hillal DessoukiGlobalization and Arab Foreign Policies: Constraints or Marginalization?Ali E.

Hillal Dessouki and Bahgat KoranyFrom Arab System to Middle Eastern System: Regional Pressures and ConstraintsPaul NobleRegional leadership: Balancing off Costs and Dividends: Foreign Policy of EgyptAli E.

Hillal DessoukiForeign Policy under Occupation: Does Iraq Need a Foreign Policy?Mohamed SoffarDoes the Successor Make a Difference? The Foreign Policy of JordanAli E.

Hillal Dessouki and Karen Abul KheirThe Art of the Impossible: The Foreign Policy of LebanonBassel F.

SalloukhThe Far West of the Near East: The Foreign Policy of MoroccoJennifer Rosenblum and William ZartmanIrreconcilable Role-Partners? Saudi Foreign Policy between the Ulama and the U.


Bahgat Korany and Moataz A.

FattahFrom Fragmentation to Fragmentation? Sudan's Foreign PolicyAnn M.

LeschThe Challenge of Restructuring: Syrian Foreign PolicyHazem KandilPolitics of Constructive Engagement: The Foreign Policy of the United Arab EmiratesAbdul-Monem Al-MashatConclusion: Foreign Policy, Globalization and the Arab Dilemma of ChangeBahgat Korany and Ali E.

Hillal Dessouki

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