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2 Фев 2013

Короткое описание книги

Graham Rundle spent most of his working life as a Seven-year-old Graham Rundle was excited to learn he was going for a holiday at a place where he'd have a chance to play with lots of other boys.

A few days later, his father dropped him off at Eden Park, a Salvation Army boys' home outside Adelaide in South Australia.

As soon as his father left, Graham's few possessions were taken away and he was given old clothes to wear.

From now on, he was told, he'd be known around the home simply by his number, '44'.

When he pleaded to go home, he was told that nobody wanted to take him.

He'd been abandoned by his family - even, it seemed, by the grandmother he loved.

This book vividly portrays what happened to Graham over the eight years he spent at Eden Park, living in fear of abuse by his peers and by the men who were supposed to care for him.

It captures his extraordinary resilience, determination and humour, and his debt to the loving nana who tracked him down against the odds and offered him hope in the midst of hell.

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