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2 Фев 2013
Fragments Of Science: Festschrift For Mendel Sachs

Короткое описание книги

Professor Mendel Sachs's contributions have been wide-ranging and the lectures presented at the symposium honoring him on his retirement encompassed a broad spectrum - hence the title Fragments of Science.

The topics covered include solar physics, quantum mechanics, crystallography, elementary particles, logic and philosophy, and the history of physics.

Included also is a new poem by noted poet Robert Creeley, composed especially for the symposium.

Harvey Breverman, an eminent artist and professor of art, attended the symposium and sketched the lecturers and recorded some of the material they presented (as seen from the eyes of an artist!).

These remarkable drawings are reproduced in duotone throughout the volume.

Post-banquet reminiscences of turbulent times at the university in the late 1960s by noted author and computer guru Cliff Stoll enliven the volume.

T Y Wu and Sachs exchange greetings and comments regarding their discussions of the twin paradox in the 1970s.

Sachs closes the volume with an illuminating autobiographical chapter.

This is a highly stimulating volume and a feast for the eyes.

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