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2 Фев 2013
From Stress to Peace

Автор: Kandace Jones

Короткое описание книги

Is it possible to experience unshakable peace, regardless of the situations and people that come your way? Kandace Jones was desperate to find out.

From the outside, she seemed to have it all together a successful career, a loving husband, two children, a great group of friends, and a lovely house.

Internally, she was filled with stress and insecurity.

She relentlessly worked to maintain the appearance of perfection in her personal and professional life, leaving no down time and very little room for self until she was forced to slow down.

Pneumonia, depression, and anxiety abruptly interrupted the high-speed life she was living, igniting a quest for something far greater to enter: Peace.

From Stress to Peace takes readers on a journey to peace and direct connection with the Divine.

Through intimate journal entries and short stories, the reader will experience Jones's journey the thoughts, words and very actions that led her to self-discovery, unexpected encounters with realms unseen by the human eye and ultimately, a higher level of spiritual awakening.

Readers will not only peer into Jones's journey, but will be left with many ';Selah' moments to pause and simply reflect on their journey to spiritual elevation and fulfillment.

From Stress to Peace leaves readers with nuggets of truth and wisdom that when applied can facilitate a constant state of inner peace and eternal bliss.

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