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2 Фев 2013

Автор: Nelson Searcy, Jennifer Dykes Henson

Короткое описание книги

Creating an environment that both embraces our newcomers and excites them enough to return does not happen by chance.

We must be prepared to be effective stewards of those God brings us.

Why should the Church not be the epitome of service at its best, as modeled by the greatest server of all time? Fusion offers a step-by-step, biblically grounded, tested, and proven plan for establishing a relationship with newcomers that ultimately prompts them to become fully developing members of our congregations.

This innovative, practical guide is full of how-to information, testimonials from the recently assimilated and from participating church leaders, examples of the assimilation materials used, and check points to make sure the reader is on track.

Engaging, informative, and immediately applicable, here is help for setting newcomers on the path toward true life transformation and spiritual maturity.

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