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2 Фев 2013
Future of Scholarly Communication

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Global thought-leaders define the future of research communication.

Governments and societies globally agree that a vibrant and productive research community underpins a successful knowledge economy but the context, mechanisms and channels of research communication are in flux.

As the pace of change quickens there needs to be analysis of new trends and drivers, their implications and a future framework.

The editors draw together the informed commentary of internationally-renowned experts from all sectors and backgrounds to define the future of research communication.

A comprehensive introduction by Michael Jubb is followed by two sections examining changing research behaviour and the roles and responsibilities of other key actors including researchers, funders, universities, research institutes, publishers, libraries and users.

Key topics include; changing ways of sharing research in chemistry, supporting qualitative research in the humanities and social sciences, creative communication in a 'publish or perish' culture, cybertaxonomy, coping with the data deluge, social media and scholarly communications, the changing role of the publisher in the scholarly communications process, researchers and scholarly communications, the changing role of the journal editor, the view of the research funder, changing institutional research strategies, the role of the research library and, the library users' view.

This is essential reading for all concerned with the rapidly evolving scholarly communications landscape, including researchers, librarians, publishers, funders, academics and HE institutions.

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