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2 Фев 2013
Future Opportunities in Catalytic and Separation Technology

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The production of useful materials and the removal of polluting substances are fundamental to chemical technology, and in this respect catalytic and separation processes play essential roles.

In order to cope with increasing demands to find solutions for the shortage of natural resources and global environmental pollution, rapid and significant progress in the technology is required.

This book results from the successful seminar on Selective Reactions and Separation, held at Oiso, Japan, in February 1988.

The seminar was organised by ASPRONC (the Association for the Progress of New Chemistry) as the fourth in a series of seminars on Frontier Technology.

ASPRONC was inaugurated in 1986 and its membership comprises major companies in the chemical industry and various other sectors interested in chemistry.

The aim of this seminar was to explore the frontiers of catalytic and separation technology and to discuss the requirements for its future development.

The many interesting lectures and active discussions which resulted stimulated the editors to prepare this book.

Each lecturer has written a chapter which represents a significantly revised and extended version of his original lecture.

The book will appeal to many readers and will undoubtedly help to make a positive contribution to the future development of chemical technology.

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