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2 Фев 2013
Gasification for Synthetic Fuel Production

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Gasification involves the conversion of carbon sources without combustion to syngas, which can be used as a fuel itself or further processed to synthetic fuels.

The technology provides a potentially more efficient means of energy generation than direct combustion.

This book provides an overview of gasification science and engineering and the production of synthetic fuels by gasification from a variety of feedstocks.

Part one introduces gasification, reviewing the scientific basis of the process and gasification engineering.

Part two then addresses gasification and synthentic fuel production processes.

Finally, chapters in part three outline the different applications of gasification, with chapters on the conversion of different types of feedstock.

Examines the design of gasifiers, the preparation of feedstocks, and the economic, environmental and policy issues related to gasificationReviews gasification processes for liquid fuel productionOutlines the different applications of gasification technology

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