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2 Фев 2013
Gates of Infinity

Короткое описание книги

Earth and Thaer, parallel worlds bound together through time and a common threat.

Now the fate of both worlds rests in the hands of a reporter from modern-day New York.

Denyse Bridger spins an exciting and magical tale in her fantasy romance novel, The Gates of Infinity.

Thaer is a world that mirrors our own, but in many ways it is both the past and future of Earth.

Magic and sorcery are commonplace, and beneath the vast sands of Cairos and the waters of Venicia lie secrets that may hold the key to travel between worlds and time itself.

All things are tied to the presence of a legendary pirate captain, a skilled mage, and a sorceress who has never known her true origins.

As the spells weave amid treachery and betrayals, the tempestuous storm gates are opened and salvation or destruction looms in their swirling, fiery depths.

Will time be turned inward, or can the Fate of two worlds truly rest on the success of a terrified reporter from modern day New York? A woman whose fate was written in another world and time, and who now holds the key to the unpredictable power contained within the Gates of Infinity?

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