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2 Фев 2013
Geek Love

Короткое описание книги

This year's science fiction/gaming convention just got interesting! Sam has been hiding behind a male persona for long enough.

This is her chance to meet Joel, her favorite online gaming buddy.

But someone else has set her sights on Joel, and Sam has to pull out all the stops to prove to Joel that geek love can turn into something more!When Joel goes to a science fiction/gaming convention, he never expects to meet the woman of his dreams.

But when he finds out a gaming buddy he's never met is there, that's exactly what happens.

Sam got tried of being a woman in the gaming communities, so she adopted a male persona to play--only now she has to make that lie up to her best friend Joel, who she's spent many a night chatting with online.

She doesn't think anything that happens onscreen could be real but things sure heat up when she meets the man she considers a buddy.

Amidst science fiction regulars and popular shows and movie fans, Sam and Joel try to get to know each other beyond their gaming names and have a wild night together.

When another online woman sets her sights on Joel and is willing to do anything to get him, Sam is caught in the crossfire.

Will she ever be able to reconcile herself to geek love becoming real?

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