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2 Фев 2013
Get Ready for IELTS Listening (+ 2 CD)

Автор: Jane Short

Короткое описание книги

The IELTS Lower-level skills Practice Books are for students who aspire to take the IELTS test but need to work on their language level first.

These are a lead-in to our current series which are for IELTS-ready students.

Through IELTS-style tasks and exercises, Collins Get Ready for IELTS Listening helps learners gain confidence in core listening competencies for IELTS.

Perfect for self-study, using a guided-learning approach that gives students access to a full answer key with model answers and commentary.

Experienced IELTS tutors have developed the series taking into account the specific language needs of learners at this level.

A further key focus is the development of learners' cultural awareness in relation to the IELTS test.

Two audio CDs are included in the Listening and Speaking books.

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