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2 Фев 2013
Global Hong Kong

Автор: Gary McDonogh, Cindy Wong

Короткое описание книги

Global Hong Kong locates Hong Kong in the contemporary globalizing world.

Hong Kong, as the authors argue, is an archetypal place, sitting at the intersection of East and West.

It is also a major center for global capital flows and world trade.

Moreover, in recent years, the island's global cultural power has become increasingly evident, as Hong Kong popular culture has spread to the West via a booming film industry.

While looking at issues of postcoloniality, transnationalism and economic globalization, Wong and McDonogh focus on the new cultures and social formations of contemporary Hong Kong, as well as the transformation of the physical city itself.

They also trace the new interconnections - economic, demographic, social and cultural - between Hong Kong and other parts of the worldthat have benn fostered by globalization.

Books in this series look at how nations and regions across the world are navigating the tumultuous currents of globalization.

Concise, descriptive, interdisciplinary, and theoretically informed, they serve as ideal introductions to the peoples and places of our increasingly globalized world.

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