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2 Фев 2013
Hacking Up the King

Автор: David Eggleston

Короткое описание книги

Is it possible to learn how to attack your opponent's king from a book? Guidelines and verbal explanations are fine, argues David Eggleston, but there is no substitute for the hard work of carefully analyzing the complex position that's on the chessboard in front of you.

The author, Britain's newest International Master, invites you to go deeply into typical sharp situations where it may or may not be possible to put the enemy monarch to the sword: opposite-side castling, slash-and-burn Sicilians, even mating attacks in the endgame.

In the process, you will hone your judgment and develop the analytical skills needed to decide if and when to take the plunge.

Emanuel Lasker, the second world chess champion, proclaimed that, ';Chess is a fight!' David Eggleston brings that idea vividly to life in this collection of recent international-level battles.

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