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2 Фев 2013
Handbook of the United States of America, 1880

Автор: LP Brockett

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Millions of immigrants entered America's &quote;golden door&quote; in the years after 1880.

This authentically reproduced Handbook of the United States was a trusted resource that told them everything they needed to know as they strove to become Americans.

America's &quote;golden door&quote; welcomed a huge wave of European immigrants between the 1880s and the 1920s.

Millions passed through the gateway of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on their way to becoming Americans, and The Handbook of the United States is an authentic reproduction of one of the immigrants' most trusted resources- a complete guide to the USA, including everything from the pay-rates of various trades to amusing statistics about what Americans ate, drank, and manufactured.

Once the tool that helped thousands of Irish, Italian and Jewish immigrants use their drive and industriousness to succeed, today it provides new insights into the extraordinary circumstances of the immigrant experience and the new arrivals' remarkable contribution to making America a great global power.

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