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2 Фев 2013
Have Mercy

Автор: Shelley Ann Clark

Короткое описание книги

In Shelley Ann Clark's seductive debut novel, two damaged souls discover that when they're together, their bodies hit all the right notes.

Rock diva Emme Hayes already broke up one band after sleeping with the lead singer, and she swears she won't let sex screw things up again.

The problem is, her new bass playera lean, muscular, tattooed mystery man who makes her want to demand his absolute attentionhas her so worked up she can hardly carry a tune.

Emme promises he's off-limits.

She just doesn't know how she'll be able to confine the heat to her love songs.

The moment Tom McKinney lays eyes on Emme strutting around the stage of his blues barall curves, eye liner, and teased blond hairhe knows she's one of a kind.

So when she offers him a two-month paid gig to tour with her band, Tom can't say no, despite family troubles and the bar's precarious finances.

Onstage and off, the music they make thrums in his soul, but Tom has too much going on to get involvedeven if he burns to let Emme play his body like a fine-tuned instrument.

Praise for Have Mercy ';The words ';Yes, ma'am' have never been as electric as they are in Have Mercy, deployed by Clark's sharp and clever pen.

'RT Book Reviews ';A glittering debut .



Shelley Ann Clark's voice has a beat and rhythm as memorable as the musical world her characters inhabit.

Intense, joyful, and thoroughly satisfying.

I can't wait for more from this promising new author.

'USA Today bestselling author Megan Mulry ';Sultry as a spotlit ballad, Have Mercy delivers with heat, emotion, and atmosphere.

An impressive debut!'USA Today bestselling author Ruthie Knox ';A sultry steel magnolia who brings a strong man to his knees, one night at a time .



Have Mercy, indeed.

'Mary Ann Rivers, author of The Burnside Series';The emotional aspects are so good; it's the kind of writing that can make [anything] seem hot, just because the characters are enjoying themselves so much.

'Dear Author ';An extraordinary debut .



I am expecting great things to come from [Clark] in the future!'Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews';[A] dynamic debut .



Have Mercy is original but familiar, dark but not melodramatic, with sexy, steamy, smart and lovably flawed characters.

'Suburban Eclectic Review ';Honestly, if you like happily-ever-afters and hot sex, I don't see how this book wouldn't work for you.

It's just so damn cute.

'The Naughty Librarians (five stars) Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from other Loveswept titles.

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