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2 Фев 2013
Hell Rider

Автор: Belladonna Bordeaux

Короткое описание книги

Lucius Domintius Stanton has always followed Satan's orders, collecting the souls of those destined for Hell.

That is until he meets Jocelyn Thatcher.

Now he has a choice to make, turn her over or keep her for his own.

But keeping her may cost Jocelyn her life, and he his job.

Now Lucius has to find a way to save them both! Jocelyn Thatcher is a humble dressmaker's apprentice determined to not go down the road of prostitution, as her own mother did.

Thwarting her sensible plans for a decent vocation are the lurid sexual fantasies, which have begun to plague her hours.

Those naughty little secrets lead her to a devastating truth-she's half fay.

Lucius Domintius Stanton has served Satan for nearly three millennia.

He's a Hell Rider--the living, breathing visage of death.

Along with the other three Riders, he collects the tainted souls destined for hell.

His world is tilted on its ear when he meets Jocelyn.

Turn her over to the Hellfire Club or keep her for his own? A brief interview with Satan will set the course.

His lust for Jocelyn might just kill her.

Content Notes: F/F, M/F/F, group sex, anal play.

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