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2 Фев 2013

Автор: Damu Xiong

Короткое описание книги

&quote;Hero Yang&quote; Respected and loved by people, this work put some rich mythological plots, making the story more enriched and the characters more outstanding, which also makes this work full of mythological color.

So people can not tell what is historical and what is romance and legends, they even prefer to believe the legend is true.

We can see from that the Yangs bore great spiritual power.

Xiong Damu, the author of &quote;The Romance of Hero Yang&quote;, is a famous editor and publisher of popular fictions of Ming Dynasty and was from Jianyang city, FuJian Province.

He has published many novels , in addition to his famous work &quote;The Romance of Hero Yang&quote; , there are &quote;Biographical annals of Han Dynasty&quote; , &quote;The book biographical annals of Tang Dynasty&quote;, &quote;The biographical of Song Dynasty Sequel&quote; &quote;Big Song Dynasty Mid-term Revival Popular Romance&quote; and so on .

Because &quote;The Romance of Hero Yang&quote;, written by Xiong Damu, is wonderful and vivid, this has been completed for circulation by the people around the world for hundreds of years.

We also used this book as the female parent for the selected book.

In order to make the &quote;World Youth Literary Classics C Hero Yang&quote; more suitable for children to read, the author rewrote and conducted a proper pruning for some sections of the original, which makes the reading more smoothly and fluently.

I hope that readers can like the loyalty chivalrous characters and soul-stirring stories in this book.

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