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2 Фев 2013
Higher Education Law

Автор: Kern Alexander, Klinton W. Alexander

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Higher Education Law is a comprehensive and accessible guide to the law of higher education.

Drawing from real-life cases on United States campuses, the authors equip readers with the tools and knowledge to effectively respond in an environment of increasing litigation.

This textbook clearly explains the higher education law emanating from federal and state constitutions, as well as the common law flowing from appellate courts throughout the US.

Addressing a clear gap in the literature currently available, this text provides:an explanation of the point of lawcase examplesrules of lawcase notes&quote;context setting&quote;This innovative approach weaves law into its historical, political and sociological context, and is designed to help students and professors better understand the law as it applies to colleges and universities.

It also provides higher education administrators in student affairs, development, philanthropy, and financial affairs with clear guidance on the legal responsibilities of their respective offices.

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