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2 Фев 2013
Holy Betrayal

Автор: Author

Короткое описание книги

Warhorses thundering across deserts and flames ignited by men loyal to the Catholic Church created a personal battle for Berbers inhabiting the wastelands of Jordan, Egypt, and Jerusalem.

The year 1571 was proving to be a dark time for members of the Catholic religion.

The Inquisition and burning at the stake made many fear for their lives.

Scientists possessing knowledge disproving many teachings of the Church met in secret.

Corrupt cardinals fed self-serving lies to Pope Pius V, lies that he willingly accepted.

Within the Vatican, men of the cloth created laws that would haunt popes for centuries.

In its ruthless quest for money and control of trade routes, the church employed rogue knights and mercenaries to attack caravans and Berber encampments.

During one such raid, Zakar, a Berber prince, was killed by a lance.

That night two aliens of the Serpent Clan, believed by the Vatican to be vampires, resurrected Zakar from the dead.

Within months, the combined forces of Knights of the Black Tower, under the command of General Kaoly, and a unit of Berber knights led by Zakar, became a threat to the Vatican.

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