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2 Фев 2013
Holy Rider

Автор: Warren LaCoste

Короткое описание книги

In the quaint cobblestone street of old New Orleans, a Roman Catholic Priest devoted to his ministerial duties by day, sets out to save souls by night a a member of a motorcycle gang,coming face to face with sex, violence, life and death.

for two and one-half years, Father Warren LaCoste or the &quote;Renegade Priest&quote; as other members of the Renegade gang called him, traveled this adventurous road.

On it, he was initiated into an exciting but dangerous world he had never before known existed.

There, sexually provocative biker mammas,one hundred m.


h &quote;crack on&quote; races and treacherous knife fights challenged his world view and more than once threatened his very existence.

Finally, in his most deadly trial, he faces down the entire gang to stop them from an act of bloody revenge.

In so doing, her barely escapes with his life.

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