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2 Фев 2013
Home in Harmony

Автор: Christa O'Leary

Короткое описание книги

We all deserve a calm, well-ordered, pleasingly designed refuge where we can relax and enjoy our families.

Having had four children in a little more than five years while running a thriving design business, Christa O'Leary has become the guardian at the gate of our sanctuaries-our homes.

She teaches us to be aware of the toxins found in both our food and furnishings; the detrimental effects of our unhealthy habits; and society's frantic need to have the latest gadgets, to get ahead, and to be forever on the go.

As a designer, therapist, and eco-friendly expert, she's often asked how she makes her hockey-mom life and peaceful, beautiful, healthy home look so effortless.

Well, the hunt for her secret is over!Christa shows us that it's possible for all of us to feel inspired, energized, and in love with our lives and our homes.

There are other books that address some of the components found in Home in Harmony, including design, color, feng shui, psychology, clean eating, detoxification, meditation, and finding our soul's purpose.

However, this is the first book that puts it all together in a fun-to-read, easy-to-implement format.

This is the formula for living an extraordinary life, and it's now available to everyone!

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