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2 Фев 2013
Horrors of Trauma in Cinema

Автор: None

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This volume explores the multifaceted depiction and staging of historical and social traumata as the result of extreme violence within national contexts.

It focuses on Israeli-Palestinian, German and (US) American film, and reaches out to cinematic traditions from other countries like France, Great Britain and the former USSR.

International and interdisciplinary scholars analyze both mainstream and avant-garde movies and documentaries premiering from the 1960s to the present.

From transnational and cross-genre perspectives, they query the modes of representation - regarding narration, dramaturgy, aesthetics, mise-en-scene, iconology, lighting, cinematography, editing and sound - held by film as a medium to visualize shattering experiences of violence and their traumatic encoding in individuals, collectives, bodies and psyches.

This anthology uniquely traces horror aesthetics and trajectories as a way to reenact, echo and question the perpetual loops of trauma in film cultures.

The contributors examine the discursive transfer between historical traumata necessarily transmitted in a medialized and conceptualized form, the changing landscape of (clinical) trauma theory, the filmic depiction and language of trauma, and the official memory politics and hegemonic national-identity constructions.

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