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2 Фев 2013
Hunting Comancheria: The Longest Safari

Короткое описание книги

Hunting Comancheria, The Longest Safari traces the hunting heritage of Comancheria.

Comancheria was the territory held by the Comanche from a time pre-dating western intervention until the mid-1870s.

The area encompassed Eastern Colorado, Southern Kansas, Oklahoma and most of Texas.

Utilizing the boundaries set by the Comanche this nonfictional account details the hunting of this area from the first culture known in the Americas to present.

Comancheria has proven since time has been counted in the Americas that it is perhaps the most game rich and game diverse area outside Africa.

No wonder it has been so richly fought over for so long.

The author has been hunting Comancheria for twenty five years and his book traces his exploits and shares a few lessons learned along the way.

Hunting Comancheria is not a story of great hunting conquests or exhibits of hunting prowess, though more than a few hunts are detailed in the way this author is known for, it is an ode to the cultures and territory itself.

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