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2 Фев 2013
I Am an Orion!*– Friendly Alien Beings On Earth!

Автор: The Abbotts

Короткое описание книги

Many people are drawn to the Orion star system, the starry hunter with his radiant belt, as have many ancient cultures for thousands of years.

The Abbotts, paranormal specialists explain that many ex-Orions have incarnated to Earth in the last 60 years with a strong urge to create more Loving and Spiritual conditions here on Earth! Learn about life on the Orion Home planet of Valla and the enlightened beings that live there from Orion beings and by intriguing channelled messages from the Ascended Masters.

The Abbotts add their own unique and easy to understand knowledge that they have gathered as hypnotherapists and clairvoyants.

A fascinating book with special knowledge for all Starseeds, ex-Orions and students of esoteric para-sciences.

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