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2 Фев 2013
I Know You Like to Smoke, But You Can Quit-Now

Автор: Andreas Jopp

Короткое описание книги

You Really Can Quit Now.

Book, Interactive Online Program and App.

Of course you like smokingotherwise,it wouldn't be so hard to quit.

Only when you truly understand why you smoke is it possible to stop smoking without feeling like you're giving up something.

';Every smoker has his or her own personal beliefs, fears, and questions about quitting.

This interactive coaching program, including the book, online program, and personalized app will support you in every aspect, every step of the way.

I dont expect that every reader has already decided to quit smoking.

This decision happens when questions are answered and fears are alleviated, and thats what this program is designed to do,' says author Andreas Jopp.

For those who are ready to quit, or ready at least to consider it, here is a modern handbook with a fresh approach.

Gone are the days of quitting by willpower alone! Using the latest findings in addiction research, Jopp explains the thought patterns that keep millions from trying to quitand details the most successful strategies for quitting.

Divided into 30 chapters (which can be read one per day leading up to quitting day, or at the reader's own pace), the book presents an appealing mix of evidence-based research and insight and guidance informed by Jopp's experiences as both an ex-smoker and a health coach who has already helped many thousands of smokers to stop smoking.

Jopp never loses sight of what is most important for smokers to understand: exactly how nicotine induces both physical and psychological dependenceand by knowing all this, how to break free.

The book is fully integrated with a 30-day online program (free for the first ten days to those who have bought the book) where readers can set goals, train to resist smoking triggers, and receive daily nutrition tips.

Additionally, readers can download a free mobile app that lets them track and share their progress.

Andreas Jopp's comprehensive approach and straightforward guidance will help anyone kick the habit for good!

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